A Day in the Life of Margaret Faria, Chanteuse, Mother, Book Lover

Goodreads is made for the likes of Margaret Faria.

Margaret (Literary Chanteuse) is one of the 100 best reviewers on Goodreads. What does it take to be on a list such as the best 100? Look at these numbers and be impressed, like I was:

Margaret Faria
Margaret Faria
  • Over the course of her 33 months membership in Goodreads, she’s rated (rated, mind you, not just read), 970 books. If you did a little math, on this number, you’ll find that she rates about a book a day!
  • She’s written reviews for 427 books, nearly half of those she’s rated. That is one review about every other day!

A skeptic? Still not convinced?

Here’s more: For 2013, she challenged herself to read 300 books and only three weeks into the new year, she’s already read 26. It looks like she won’t have trouble meeting her goal for this year. Probably not a surprise. She easily met her goals in 2012 and 2011, her first year on Goodreads.

My first reaction after being impressed by these numbers is, I think, predictable: What else does she do in a day?

As you might expect, a typical day for her is full. She tells us:

A day for me is typically spent catching up on emails, Goodreads, drinking a lot of coffee, reading ,reading, reading and chasing my 4 year old around before my 7 year old gets home from school. Then it’s chasing the two of them, lol!

So, there you have it. Reading is indeed a big part of the day for Margaret. Almost like a full-time job (as if running after rambunctious little creatures doesn’t qualify as one—I had one once so I know wherof I speak). Margaret calls herself a Literary Chanteuse, an appellation she doesn’t take lightly. (“Chanteuse” is French for “female singer.”) With those numbers, you probably wouldn’t, either.

Ind'tale Magazine
Ind’tale Magazine

This extraordinary lady is on a crusade to tell (sing to?) the world the good things one gets from reading and books. It is a passion she expresses by being very active on Goodreads—reviewing books not only on that site but also for an online book review site called Ind’tale Magazine. She says:

I have always been a reader and love to explore ideas that have come from others. I always say everyone has a story to tell. I have become very dedicated to reading and reviewing and would love to be remembered as a caring person who shared her time and love for books.

It is a passion she is passing on to her children.

La Chanteuse
La Chanteuse

But, be aware, that with Margaret, you’ll be making a big mistake by merely focusing on “literary” and taking the chanteuse part lightly and only figuratively. Because Margaret is, in fact, a singer. Has been since she was a child. It is a significant part of who she is. An identity she is truly proud of. As well, she should be. All of us can read but few of us have been gifted with the talent to sing and reach others through the power of song.

A Chanteuse! What kind of songs do you sing? Is it a profession? Where do you sing and how long have you been doing it?

Yes I do sing. I have been singing all my life. I’ve recorded two cd’s (one as back up vocalist for an artist called K’la), Lead vocalist for two rock bands (Exalter & Rainband) and a Brazilian band (Zabumba). I do speak Portuguese. I was at the IMTA (International Modeling & Talent Association New York 93′ Incidentally another now famous person was there with me, Katie Holmes. Although we were not represented by the same agency. Oh and just sang in a trillion auditions well before American idol was popular. Used to do rock music but then got into more R’n’B and pop.

How do you select the books you read? Tell me about books you’re currently reading.

I’m pretty open to most genres. Historical fiction and anything that falls into chick lit are my fav’s. I always try to make any books that I have for review to be of course first pick. I have joined a few challenges in which to help me get to some of those books that are over flowing from my book shelves and e-readers that tend to get left behind as well as my kids who love to pick a book for me and that’s usually ennie-meenie-minni-moe. They love that system!

I just read, on Kobo, a romance novel called Just For Fun by New Zealand author Rosalind James for Ind’tale.

My daughter and I are reading a middle grade book Arthur and the Invisibles by Luc Besson

Listening to an audio book Hothouse Orchid by Stuart Woods

What is chick lit? Obviously, it’s books that appeal to women but there must be something that differentiates it from other categories. Does it only refer to fiction? Can you give us one or two very typical of this category and tell us what makes them quintessential chick lit?

Yes, what is chick lit? I know it is really not a genre but I classify it into a fun light hearted book that would appeal to women. Example would be the Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Fashion, love, and friends are usually a strong feature of the stories. Yes, fiction, but readers can relate to the feelings and situations the heroines find themselves in.

How many books do you read in a week? Any nonfiction?

I generally read anywhere from 2 to 4 books a week. Yes I do like non fiction also but these days I find I am not reading as much. No particular reason really. I do like bios and memoirs, history and travel stories.

Oh I am reading Acadian Waltz by Alexandrea Weis, Fifty Shades of Gray, and The Man Who Loved Jane Austen.

You also seem comfortable with ebooks, audiobooks, and print. Preferences? Why audiobooks?

When possible I always prefer good fashioned print. I like ebooks and the variety I have been fortunate to read, also for short stories. I, in fact, do not listen to a large amount of audio but have begun to really enjoy the freedom of getting other things accomplished while listening. lol

You read with your children. Tell us more about that and what you and your children like about it.

Yes, my daughter in particular is a huge fan of reading and we have begun to read her middle grade novels together. We take turns reading and she gives me her input on what she thinks. A future reviewer in the works as she contributes to the input and star rating that I often use when I write my reviews. Both my children have bookshelves in their rooms and have begun a love of reading and listening.(my son is not yet at an age to read but loves books too).

Going to start tonight on kindle Who’s the Boss by Lisa Lim.

And finally on print my book I pack when the kids are at swimming lessons etc. Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

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  1. Your total reads are fantastic! I used to teach all day (11-12 yr olds), come home and prepare work for the following day, then I’d read – a lot – though admitttedly nothing heavy or demanding. It was an escape valve of sorts. Now that I’m writing 4 days a week I’m sadly not reading as much as before – though probably covering more genres!

  2. I am definitely impressed too. I am very serious about reading and reviewing books too, but I know that I will never have the time to read 300 books in one year.

    Great interview!

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