Praise for Hello, My Love! from Goodbooks

Book 1, Between Two Worlds
Book 1, Between Two Worlds


“The unexpected surprises and emotional encounters of this novel keeps the reader enthralled until the very last page.”— Reviews

There are few stories that capture the raw emotions of a true and powerful love. The desire and yearning to be with that special person your heart has chosen can be all-consuming and unrelenting. “Hello, My Love!” portrays just that. You can just feel the longing the main character Greg has for young Elise at the beginning of this romance. It is love at first sight when he sees her in a news photo – even though he has no ideas who she is, he is deeply drawn to her and the aura she projects. The two star-crossed lovers finally meet through Elise’s father, an economics professor. They continue to encounter one another at social events and share dinners at her parent’s home where she appears distant and unapproachable. Their unexpected coming together is tender and spontaneous and their lives after this first union are never quite the same. Unfortunately, Greg is engaged to be married. Within just a few days of his wedding, he must make a decision whether to follow the desires of his heart or stick to the familiar path that has been laid out for him. This romantic tale moves the two lovers close to each other and then pulls them apart over and over again. Will love conquer all at the end of this romantic quest for love??

Few authors can capture the deep feelings an individual forms for that person who is destined for him. This may be possible because few have truly found that special person that they cannot live without. It can probably be assumed from this “fictional” account that the author is one of those rare and fortunate individuals who knows exactly how it feels and what it is like to instantly be attracted to a person and be truly consumed with passion and desire for this individual on a deep intellectual and personal level. It is only through living this once-in-a-lifetime experience that a writer can so aptly, perfectly and knowledgeably write of this type of relationship. This romance novel almost, but not quite, becomes a thriller when Elise is involved in a hit-and-run accident. The person behind the accident remains a mystery almost to the end of the story. The unexpected surprises and emotional encounters of this novel keep the reader enthralled until the very last page. What makes this story so effective is that the reader is transported into the minds of both characters. This two-dimensional look into the thoughts, insecurities, fears, and longings of this couple gives insight as to the complexities and destinies of two people whose lives are intertwined – an excellent read for one who doubts the power of love at first sight.


5 thoughts on “Praise for Hello, My Love! from Goodbooks

  1. I like reading about star-crossed lovers, so will definitely check this book out on Amazon.
    Psst…I have cheated big time on alphabet X (for my Feeling and Emotions writers experience in the A-Z Challenge).

    1. Thanks for the visit. I’m intending to make this book free for a little while. I can email you, if you want, when I it’s free. I’m preparing to launch a sequel/prequel to it.

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