Big Announcement: Changes On This Site

butterfly change3


I am making BIG changes on this blog site and migrating my authorly doings to Evy Writes.

What this means:

  • 1. This site will now post only reviews of:
      a. Books and film
      b. Occasionally, profile a reader or an author.

    Previous posts on writers and readers will remain in this site.

  • 2. All info and posts on and related to books I’ve written will be slowly transferred to Evy Writes.
    That means that, if you’re looking for a post from the past and you don’t find it here, you will most likely see it on Evy Writes.

  • 3. All posts on writing will also be transferred to Evy Writes.

For those of you who have been following this blog, I’d very much appreciate your signing up at my author site.

I’m giving out a free copy of Hello, My Love to everyone who signs up and wishes a copy.

To everyone who’s read and followed the blog as it used to be:
My warm regards!
Mes meilleures salutations!
Mis saludos muy cordiales!


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