About the Author

What would you do if you were outnumbered by three brothers who balked at taking you to catch tadpoles or ride a water buffalo? Evy read and drew; then, she wrote. Short stories mostly, now lost in the many moves she’s made since. In high school, that solitary existence paid off when she got to be editor-in-chief of the school paper.

She’s lived in many places, in and out of this country. She’s a flâneuse—a female observer-wanderer—who’s traveled to Asia and many parts of Europe. Often, she’s ended in Paris to stay for a few months.

The mind is what fascinates her and, maybe, that’s why she worked in mental health programs, not providing services but researching, evaluating, and developing them. Her work required a lot of writing primarily addressed to academics and bureaucrats and she’s been striving ever since to write more like normal people.

Words fascinate her as well. She’s seduced by beautiful prose. Those of writers like Evelyn Waugh (e.g., Brideshead Revisited), Robert Hughes (particularly Shock of the New), and even BF Skinner, a social scientist (of behaviorist persuasion) whose seminal textbook Science and Human Behavior reads like a long engaging essay.

She’s sucker for happy endings, and an admirer of Jane Austen’s approach to women’s fiction. She’s taken her well-honed skills of observation and her passion for writing fiction to create stories that meld happiness and history, romance and reality. She explores protagonists’ thoughts, emotions, inner conflicts, insecurities, and struggles to reach balance and grow.

Self portrait, oil

A Quirk or Two:

  • She took swimming lessons but never really learned to swim―rather pathetic for one who’s basically an island girl. So she did folk dancing and hula until work and motherhood stopped her.
  • She’s hopelessly in love with Paris, and yes, sometimes she wishes she lived there.
  • She deliberately failed physics at university so her parents (who paid all school fees) would let her shift from chemistry to psychology. Actually, she wanted to be a journalist, but one must compromise.

She also muses about art; travel; tasty morsels (an adventurous foodie); and state of being (aren’t we all immersed in this?) at: Journey on a Limb

Evy Writes: Interview
Self-Publishing Review


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