Hello, Agnieszka! (Book 2, Between Two Worlds)

The suicide attempt by Peter, the Halversons’ oldest son shocks his family and uncovers the mother’s lifelong secret and a tale of early love, rivalry, and betrayal.

Secrets of Love 01
Secrets of Love 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her children learn that as a young woman, she suffered from knotty relationships with her conservative Polish mother and became an instrument in the rivalry between her mother and her talented, irrepressible grandaunt Jola who awakened her passion for the piano. That passion saved Agnieszka from the ravages of a repressed childhood and shattered dreams.

She tells them about Lenny Weisz, a consuming first love at the root of her secrets—a love that ended tragically but gave her strength to move on, grow, and look forward to the future.

Fortuitous encounters at a concert hall and at a music store presented her a second chance at happiness with Charles Halverson. But does Agnieszka ever forget that compelling first love?

The baring of her soul brings her closer to her daughter, Elise, a bright and independent-minded lawyer who knew her only as a caring mother with an exceptional talent for the piano.


Hello, Agnieszka! is a sequel/prequel hybrid to the novel, Hello, My Love! and takes place largely in the late 60s to mid-70s. It portrays the complex relationships between a mother (as well as a surrogate mother) and a daughter as the latter falls in love and matures. It also touches on the plight of an immigrant family and issues of cultural and religious differences and racial prejudice.

Taken together, the two novels comprise the Between Two Worlds Series. They tell the tales of four women, two different but adjacent eras, and lives that are parallel, inevitably intersecting, but personal. While Hello, My Love! is largely a love story, Hello, Agnieszka! focuses more on the main character’s (the mother) growth as an individual and may belong more to the genre of women’s fiction.

Hello, Agnieszka! has been written so it can be read on its own.


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