Hello, My Love! (Book 1, Between Two Worlds)

Hello, My Love!
New cover, Hello, My Love!

Hello, My Love! is a love tale of this day, complete with the messiness of feelings and events that could happen to most of us. It won’t tell you 30 times how Elise wants to or does, in fact, melt on the broad shoulders of Greg. If you feel cheated because it does not, then, this novel is not for you.

But read it if you want protagonists who confront realities that couples often face in compelling relationships—revenge of a jilted lover, past relationships, abortion, career choices, reactions of friends and relatives.

Focused on her future career, Elise is a beautiful, bright young lawyer who makes tough choices and draws out the sensitive, caring side of Greg, progressive owner of a growing internet-based business and an alpha male haunted by past relationships.

Greg first saw Elise on television among a group of picketing workers. Intrigued by the passion and intelligence she exuded and so unlike the dark-haired, seductive women he has gone out with, he is fascinated when her father introduces them to each other.


She is formal and distant and makes him feel old, dull, and tiresome, but in the convivial atmosphere of her mother’s dinners, they spar verbally and get to know each other better. Before they know it, they not only become friends, they fall in love.

But Greg, now 32, and urged by his mother to settle down, has been engaged to Lori for a year and their wedding date has been set.  Two days before his wedding, he and Elise spend the night together.

Roy Lichtenstein, Hopeless
Roy Lichtenstein, Hopeless
Heartache and the spectre of revenge follow, as the star-crossed lovers part.

Two years later, exhausted from her job at the Public Defender’s Office and asleep on her couch, Elise is jolted awake by a phone call. The lovers reunite, but not before a few surprises test their relationship again

Old cover, Hello, My Love!
Old cover, Hello, My Love!
Romance novels are escapist fare—adult fairy tales which can make our lives a teensy bit more bearable or more titillating. For those few hours we spend with them, we’re transported into an imagined world that assures us a happy ending. Hello, My Love! does more than that.


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